Americanism & the new Yankee man

Americanism & the new Yankee man

By Michael

Southern Nationalist Network

January 3, 2012

The utopian-totalitarian ideology of the US Empire

One of the markers of modern Western totalitarian regimes based upon Enlightenment ideas is the concept of the new man. Karl Marx and his followers developed the concept of the new socialist man as the crowning achievement of their revolutionary movement. Individualism, as well as national, cultural, religious and ethnic ties, were all to be abandoned by this new man who would work tirelessly to advance the new order:

The Soviet man was to be selfless, learned, healthy and enthusiastic in spreading the socialist Revolution. Adherence to Marxism-Leninism, and individual behavior consistent with that philosophy’s prescriptions, were among the crucial traits expected of the New Soviet man. This required intellectualism and hard discipline. He was not driven by crude impulses of nature but by conscious self-mastery – a belief that required the rejection of both innate personality and the unconscious, which Soviet psychologists did therefore reject. He treated public property with respect, as if it were his own. He also has lost any nationalist sentiments, being Soviet rather than Russian, or Ukrainian, or any of the many other nationalities found in the USSR. His work required exertion and austerity, to show the new man triumphing over his base instincts.

Likewise, the fascist reactionaries against communism had their own new man. Though they borrowed from traditionalist thought, the fascists perverted traditional values into a new and ugly form that was focused on regimentation, production and aggression:

It was at the beginning of the century that the code of the Superman was embraced in Italy, with the purpose of infusing new life into what ought to be pursued as the New Man (or New Italian), or the masculine ideal, in addition to that of the New Italy, which for Benito Mussolini, signified a fascist government where he was the dictator in full control. He mandated that the New Man be brutal, barbarous, and abandon his romanticism. His conception of the New Futurist Man, building on previous futurist concepts, entailed: disdainful of death and books, in love with virility, violence, and war; a people particularly endowed with ‘creative genius, elasticity in improvisation, strength, ability and physical resistance, impetus, violence, fury in the fight’. It is evident through such descriptions of what a Roman male ought to be, that Mussolini is keenly tying in together political propaganda and proscribed, normative gender constructs. For example, a special emphasis on uniformity was given to the Fascist socialization of the Italian people to minimize the chance of a possible revolt against his regime, and the effective mobilization of the Italian army in time of war.

Mussolini presented himself as the perfect prototype of the New Italian, being the ‘living and working model of ethical and political individuality’ to which the Italians had to aspire.

Traditional society which surrounds and grounds human beings stands as a bulwark against these utopian ideologies and must be destroyed by the utopian-totalitarian ideologues. Once the individual has been stripped of his culture and left utterly alone the state can make of him what it wishes.

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  1. John Stott says:

    Well hell just don’t you love been a Christian Neanderthal 🙂

  2. freedom2fascism says:

    What a great piece of writing.

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