Decisive Battles: Kings Mountain

(Partisan Ranger Note: This little battle was not only the turning point of the American Revolution, it is an example of the power of militia if properly used.  Four of my direct ancestors fought in this battle.)


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5 Responses to Decisive Battles: Kings Mountain

  1. John Stott says:

    Thank you! You know my love of military history, my particular interest of course where a personal link can be found, I also become totally absorbed by records and diaries of those involved.
    Having trod in Flanders, The Somme and Ypres following my grandfathers footsteps, sometimes on the very fire step he stood on, in the same trench system he lived in and lost so many friends from his pit and village. Yes, I understand your pride. To also have stood on Naseby field where two of my ancestors fought for Parliaments cause was moving also.
    To appreciate historical sacrifice, especially where your own kin have been involved is a rare thing in a man. Many pay lip service to it and acknowledge it in passing, few actively seek further knowledge and understanding.
    You have a fine and wonderful heritage lad, be proud.

    • Thank you, my friend. The story of Kings Mountain has always appealed to me–family connections aside. Military forces move into a frontier area and threaten the inhabitants. Enraged by the threat, the men of the area gather a military force, march to meet the enemy, surround him, destroy him, and then go home. Ha!

  2. gideon says:

    I’ve read about this a couple of different places since you talked about it on one of your shows. Inspirational to say the least. You two gentlemen are inspiring as well. God bless you both and thanks for posting this Reb.

  3. John Stott says:

    Thank you Gideon you are too kind. If I may, can I recommend some fiction? With sailors in mind there is a marvellous series by Patrick O’Brian. They are centred around a character called Jack Aubrey captain of an RN frigate “Surprise”. The manner and accuracy with which they are written not only give a marvellous insight into a tars world, also the politics and machinations of that period.
    I find myself reading as much historical fiction as fact nowadays, sometimes the intellect needs a rest from reality!

  4. gideon says:

    Thank you John. I’ll give that a look. I’ve been thinking most of what I’m reading now is fiction

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