The emerging one-party Empire & how to deal with it

The emerging one-party Empire & how to deal with it

By Michael

Southern Nationalist Network

Janurary 8, 2012

An alternative to centralised, one-party rule

You know it’s coming. The GOP will eventually nominate a loser in the mold of Bob Dole and John McCain. Probably Mitt Romney. They’ll beg and threaten voters, telling them that (once again) the “fate of the nation” is on the line. And they will lose the 2012 election to Obama. And they will deserve to lose. They will then blame the voters for not getting behind their awful candidate. They will attack Obama for supporting policies very similar to their own. They’ll focus on name-calling and personalities rather than substance. It will be all but un-bearable to endure their hyperbolic rhetoric.


There is a huge division in the Republican Party and the Neo-cons are losing support, especially among younger people. Many of these younger people are not willing to vote for Neo-cons, even if it means that a Democrat will win the election. Half of the young people in the Iowa Republican caucus voted for Paul; he easily won the under 40 vote. It was the middle aged people who voted for Santorum and the elderly folks who voted for Romney. And at the grass-roots level there is no enthusiasm for the status quo big government, pro-war candidates. The grass-roots momentum is anti-government, anti-war and pro-de-centralisation.


The GOP as it exists today is a demographically-doomed party. Despite pandering to Hispanics on immigration and adopting minority figure heads such as Michael Steele, the GOP gets 81% of its vote from White Protestants, whose part of the population is rapidly declining due to US immigration policy which is eliminating the White middle class and ballooning the Third World under-class. Despite ideological trappings, most people in the United States vote along ethnic and cultural lines. Most non-Whites vote Democrat and most Whites (especially rural and suburban Whites and White men in general) outside of the Northeast vote Republican. The demographic change is leading to a point in the near future when the USA will be a one-party state at the Federal level. Because of the declining White population, Republicans will not be able to win the White House and will hold fewer and fewer Congressional seats, especially in the Senate where the voting is State-wide. States like Georgia (55% White), Mississippi (58% White) and Texas (45.3% White) that have traditionally voted for the allegedly conservative party will soon have non-White majorities and will be dependable Democratic States (“Blue States,” to use the popular political jargon). The GOP will be the party of opposition even in many Southern Statehouses. This is only a few years away – perhaps 8 years, 12 or 16 at the most. I think it will lead to a much more revolutionary atmosphere where younger people will realise that they have no future in the US system. Between now and then we need to do all we can to spread our ideas and make sure they are the basis of the ideology embraced by the revolutionaries.

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