Will Ron Paul destroy the Party of Lincoln?

Will Ron Paul destroy the Party of Lincoln?

Let us all hope and pray

By Tom

Southern Nationalist Network

January 4, 2012

Thomas DiLorenzo has authored yet another outstanding piece on lewrockwell.com about the candidacy and philosophy of Dr Ron Paul.

In response to a neocon rant by Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson, DiLorenzo asks and answers the question: Will Ron Paul Destroy the party of Lincoln?

Here is an interesting clip from the article:

Gerson is also outraged that Ron Paul has described American foreign policy as “aggressive” and “expansionist.” Has Michael Gerson ever stepped foot outside of Washington, D.C.? Does he really reside on Planet Earth?

In one final burst of stupidity, Gerson concludes his essay be claiming that the U.S. entered World War II to save the European Jews from the Holocaust. (Earth to Michael Gerson: The Holocaust happened; the U.S. government did not save the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis). He makes this remarkably stupefying statement so that he can proclaim to his Washington Post audience that “Paul’s conception of liberty . . . would have freed the occupants of concentration camps from their dependency on liberating armies.”

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7 Responses to Will Ron Paul destroy the Party of Lincoln?

  1. John Stott says:

    It would truly appear Mr Paul is waking people. As for people such as Gerson, they and others have much to lose, for skeletons have a habit of falling out of cupboards. A good insight into how mainstream neo cons hate this dear man.

  2. gideon says:

    John, in last night’s debate, the “puppets” called him just about every name in the book. From liar to Mr. Constitution. Needless to say, I was asked to leave the room. What a shameless display of what is supposed to be mature intelligent men debating issues. SICKENING AND OUTRAGEOUS.

    • It is funny how these candidates ignored Paul until recently and now that he is something of a viable threat they ridicule him….and dear Lord, with such terms as “Mr. Constitution.” They think of that as an insult! I guess to them it is an insult. Anyone who truly believes in the principles outlined in the Constitution should see just how these candidates hate the document by the way they ridicule Mr. Paul. These people are out for power and nothing more. I think the major problem is the fact that modern conservatives are just statists. They are competing for control of the big government nanny state and their argument is that they are better managers of that big government nanny state.

  3. gideon says:

    That was the opening salvo between Santorum and Romney. Manager vs. Leader. What a joke, unfortunately people ate it up as the breaking news was, “Santorum wins Iowa”.

  4. John Stott says:

    Gentlemen, they display the behaviour of rabid hyenas. They have no ethics, morals or belief system other than their own lust. I have no trust in any man jack of them, truly they are an abomination to such a great country.

  5. gideon says:

    I meant to add, “IF YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT “to my comment, and I am conspiratorial.

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