The illegal & disastrous Fourteenth Amendment

The illegal & disastrous Fourteenth Amendment

By Michael

Southern Nationalist Network

December 30, 2011

Dr Tom Woods on one of the Feds’ enabling acts

It was once well understood in conservative and libertarian circles that the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was never legally ratified. The amendment was forced upon the United States (after slavery had already been abolished with the Thirteenth Amendment) by the Radical Republicans over the strong resistance of the Southern States and other States worried about the implications of the obvious Federal power-grab. With all our other problems as far as unemployment, the wars, immigration, the growing police state and so on it would be easy to dismiss the topic of the Fourteenth Amendment. However, many of the issues that impact us most directly in our daily lives are related to the Fourteenth Amendment, especially concerning things such as the Federal Government’s social-engineering experiments and Federal intervention in housing, schooling and welfare. The Feds have even used to strike down State attempts to stop illegal immigration. The Fourteenth Amendment has a long history of being used by advocates of centralisation and increased government manipulation of society forms the excuse for much of our loss of local and State autonomy.

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4 Responses to The illegal & disastrous Fourteenth Amendment

  1. gideon says:

    I listened to the talk Mr. Woods gave and I thought it was interesting. He brought up the debate: Do the Bill of Rights apply to the States or just the Federal Government? Would you comment on that?

    • That is one of the great debates, particularly in libertarian circles. In its original meaning, it is quite clear that the Bill of Rights were statements of basic rights that the federal government could not infringe upon. Being that the several states were sovereign, they really didn’t apply to them–of course, it was implied and understood that these were matters that the states would not infringe upon as well–most states had some variation of the Bill of Rights in their own constitutions. The 14th amendment changed that by stating that the people were citizens of the national government, effectively destroying the sovereignty of the several states. In so doing, the Bill of Rights suddenly became applicable to all of the people and transcended state borders. I think our friend George has eloquently stated on many occasions that to avoid the application of the Bill of Rights to the people (which would also stringently limit the powers of the central government) the government quietly began incorporating the people which effectively transformed those guaranteed rights into privileges granted by the government. It is all a bit more complicated than that, but that is my quick explanation.

  2. gideon says:

    I got you. No matter which way you cut it, State or Fed, neither of them grants/gives those RIGHTS, IT’S GOD. They, State or Fed, are just supposed to protect them. In reality both are violating there mandates/constitutions/charters/duties. Neither deserve loyalty or obedience. God bless you and yours brother. Thanks………….

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