Mideast Expert, Ron Paul Agree: U.S. Actions Make War with Iran Likely

Mideast Expert, Ron Paul Agree: U.S. Actions Make War with Iran Likely


New American

January 7, 2012

U.S. sanctions on Iran are “acts of war.” The Iranian government, which views the sanctions, along with assassinations of its nuclear scientists and belligerent rhetoric from Washington, as precursors to “regime change,” is seeking to obtain nuclear weapons “as a deterrent to foreign intervention.” War could occur at any moment, and the only way to avert it with any certainty is for “Western powers [to] imagine how the situation looks from Tehran.”

This may sound like a Ron Paul stump speech. But in fact, it is the essence of a recentBloomberg article by Vali Nasr, a Middle East expert with contacts in the government of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameni. Nasr’s piece, says Robert Wright of the Atlantic, vindicates the Texas Republican’s “sheer conjecture” about Iran’s interpretation of Western actions as “acts of war.”

Paul’s “conjecture,” of course, was based on a simple understanding of human nature. If Oceania routinely threatens Eastasia and begins punishing it, the Eastasian people and their government are not going to sit idly by and allow their country to be destroyed. They will fight back. Then Oceania will escalate the conflict further, Eastasia will respond in kind, and so on, until a full-scale war is under way.

Such a war between the United States and Iran, Nasr maintains, “could be tripped off without either country intending it” because both countries are pursuing policies that make war almost inevitable, though Iran’s policies are largely in response to those of the United States.

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One Response to Mideast Expert, Ron Paul Agree: U.S. Actions Make War with Iran Likely

  1. John Stott says:

    This comes as no surprise. The tinkering in Muslim politics by exploiting differences goes apace. I can foresee a “cordon sanitaire” within the Straits. The GCC has geared itself with the backing of the west, the French have basing in Oman. Of course this suits their policy toward China, any control over Chinese oil, an increase in price, it all suits the grand plan.
    The Achilles heel in these schemes is Pakistan and Turkey. I can foresee sects abandoning their differences soon and calls for a Caliphate will become irresistible. Russia? Well they will side with whoever is against the west, tinkering in their internal affairs has really cheesed them off.
    If, and I have said elsewhere, this is pushed by Tel Aviv to the limit, Nato will break up leaving the US and Israel friendless. Without Nato and mainland Europes basing, the US would be in a strategic hole. This is not lost in many European countries who now view every US action with suspicion.
    For all Tradoc and Sandhurst gaming, and their have been some amazing ones of recent, read “question mark”. What if has never being more relevant.

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