A century of military interventions

A century of military interventions

By The New Silence Dogood

Southern Nationalist Network

January 3, 2012

The Rome of our day

How many Southern nationalists are aware of the astonishing number of interventions the United States Empire has been involved in during the last 120 years alone?

Click here for a list of the countries

The concept of American exceptionalism is as old as the United States, and it implies that the country has a qualitative difference from other nations. This notion of being “special” gives Americans the sense that playing a lead role in world affairs is part of their “natural” historic calling. However there is nothing historically exceptional about this: the Roman empire also viewed itself as a system superior to other nations; more recently, so did the British and the French empires.


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10 Responses to A century of military interventions

  1. John Stott says:

    This is a well written piece and succeeds in making a very clear point.

  2. gideon says:

    I agree John. This is an eye opener. Most pepeople I know think basically, WWI &II, Korea and Vietnam. Rome has nothing over Amerika. The days ahead shall be interesting. May GOD have mercy on us all.

    • John Stott says:

      It indeed struck a chord Gideon. I gave a talk last week to a group, they were amazed when I told them British Forces have only seen one year since 1945 without being in conflict.
      Indeed, may God have mercy on us all.

  3. John Stott says:

    Everyday is believable. In three conflicts I have been involved with, the special forces had a higher sortie rate than any other line unit. Given their small size. they generate an amazingly demoralising effect.
    Now, being an old fashioned light infantry type myself, I do not hold with these fellows or their methods. I had an uncle who served in the Long Range Desert Group in WW2, the pre cursor to David Stirlings SAS. His views on line regiments were unprintable, my fathers response?
    “You could not invade Europe with a bunch of scruffs in a truck”, my how I miss those arguments 🙂

    • SpecOp forces have a plausible deniability about them. If you lose a regiment of infantry, it is a huge deal and people are going to know about it. If you lose a few SpecOp guys they can write it off to “Killed in military exercise.” When I was a Ranger, though we weren’t classified as Special Forces, we were attached to Special Operations command. There was a quiet understanding that we were expendable. Real nice.

  4. gideon says:

    You said “shocking” and you were right. Considering that works out to around 730,000 Ops a year. That’s incredible and that’s an understatement.

    • They are of different sizes and scopes. Often times it is intelligence gathering, other times it is whacking some politician, or killing peasants to ensure the safety of an American-owned sugar plantation. It is a truly incredible number.

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