The ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund) and Its History


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12 Responses to The ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund) and Its History

  1. These videos confirmed everything I knew, and more. I knew that American pilots, in American planes were flying combat missions against Japan, in 1939. I just didn’t know that the operation was funded by the U. S. Treasury since 1934. I’m keeping the link to the Zero Hedge posting, along with this one, current in “The Daily Climb”.

    • Indeed, this connected some of the dots for me as well. Oh how deeply we are in this sordid affair.

      • It’s a lot more than dots. It’s a paper trail that is legal proof of chain of custody and criminal liability. If we had real courts, with real judges, it would be an open and shut case.

      • The only criticism that I have of the documentary is the narrator’s defense of his great-grandfather. I understand his doing so, but I think he glosses over the difference between what his grandfather wanted and what the government wanted. Private banking oligarchy versus planned government monopoly fascism. You are correct, the failure of our courts is the dagger in our breast.

      • We would like to believe the best about our forebears. If guilt overtakes them and they admit to complicity, that’s fine as far as it goes. It still doesn’t make restitution. We have inherited lies from our fathers. Woodrow Wilson in a statement upon leaving the presidency, said. “I fear that I have done irreparable harm to my country.”

      • I should say, his defense of his forefather is very human and it may well be that Vanderlip had no intention of creating a totally fiat currency. Beside all of that, Paul Warburg was running the show anyway–Warburg later stated that the Jekyll Island plan and the final Federal Reserve Act were essentially identical. Perhaps, Vanderlip wasn’t totally in the loop.

      • We also see the influence of J. P. Morgan, acting as an agent of a foreign power. The present state of the MF Global has JP Morgan as the big winner. I’ve been saying all along that the target of the currency collapse is real money. It was in 1913. Always was the target and still is.

      • Yes, Morgan was basically the American agent of the Rothschilds, the modern descendant firm is the same. Total dominance of every tangible asset is the ultimate goal. They are fairly close.

      • I just commented on a blog post that talked about the announcement of a new global financial system and currency, in 2012. I’m a skeptic. We shall see, what we shall see. Still the possibility got me thinking. I see another purpose in the ESF. Ever since the League of Nations there’s been a push to global governance. Logically, it would also include global control of the issuance of currency. By exporting debt around the world, a backdoor method of integrating the currencies of the world has been underway, since 1934. Obviously, the role of the ESF defends Federal interests. there has always been a struggle for the position of reserve currency of the world.

      • I agree. In reality, there has been a singular global currency for quite a while–at least for international settlements and trade. In its former forms, both the pound and dollar have held and still hold the role of reserve currency. The question today is how can they integrate everything into a singular world currency for all domestic use. I believe that the advent of credit and debit cards was the first major step along that path. Will there be a universal note for all transactions? I think a systematic collapse will be required…perhaps we will see that.

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