Tips on Survival Food

Tips on Survival Food

By Cordi Howell

Cordite Country

May 5, 2011

The main concerns of survival food storage are:

Fast cooking. A means of cooking may be limited to a small, low fuel usage source. Such as an open fire, coffee can stove, solar oven, sterno, alcohol flame, etc.

Water usage. Water supply lines might be down or contaminated. Foods that already contain fluid or juice that can be used to cook dry foods are best. Example: A can of mixed vegetables can be added to a package of ramen noodles to make a fast, simple soup, with very little extra water being added. Quick rice, oats and fast cooking pastas would be good choices.

Nutritional content. Nutrition is important, but hunger has to be satisfied as well. A tiny piece of something “good for you” will not go as far as a big portion of something that fills you up and still has some nutrients. I vote for volume, hunger can be a real stress factor in an already stressful situation.

Storage of cooked food can be hazardous without refrigeration. Cook only what can be consumed in a few hours. If you have already stocked up on those huge #10 cans of food, I seriously recommend that you open them up now and break them down into portions for a day and re-store them. Don’t forget that you can dehydrate canned foods. Just drain off the juice/water, pat them dry and dehydrate. This takes up less space and also provides a longer shelf life.

Variety. The same old thing to eat everyday gets old. Include variety and treats. A cheap box of instant pudding can spice up a meal a few times a week. It can be made with dry milk, or even without milk. It won’t set as thick but it is still edible. Or a can of mixed fruit, is always welcome after a week of “soups”. Keep a separate five gallon bucket or box of special foods that will break up the boredom and add sweets (that will keep the energy and spirit both up).

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