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Over a century and a half ago almost all cooking in America was done over an open fire, a method of preparing food that dates back to prehistoric times when freshly killed game was roasted over campfires. As man became more civilized, the campfire was abandoned in favor of large indoor fireplaces, most of them spacious enough to roast a whole pig.

Fireplace equipment evolved gradually. Spits, for example, which were originally long poles or iron bars were turned by hand. Roasting on a spit is unique to open-fire cooking and cannot be duplicated on modern stoves. Properly done spit-roasted meat develops a flavorful outside crust but remains tender and juicy inside.

The open fire is an amazingly versatile cooking device. Open fires can be used to boil water, simmer a stew, bake pies, bake flat loaves or bread, and roast several pieces of meat. At the same time, sausages can be hung nearby to be smoked slowly by the fire day after day.

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