I Hereby Secede

I Hereby Secede

by Roger Young


Secession is a topic that seems to increasingly pop up in conversation, discussion, and written opinion. I believe that more people every day are seeing state secession as a viable and even necessary action to counteract increasing personal oppression, stolen liberties, and monetary incompetence and thievery by the United States Government. According to the Declaration of Independence, when such conditions become intolerable for the people, “it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

But why wait for your state to secede? In the meantime, why not make a personal declaration of secession? Below is my idea of what a personal declaration would look like. I encourage others to make this same declaration and add or subtract any statements you deem relevant. Or write your own. Make copies and distribute to friends and relatives, encouraging them to do likewise. By all means, send copies to your Congress critters and other ruling tyrants. Convey the message that you no longer willingly submit to their arbitrary rules, and the theft and violence committed against you personally and against others in your name.

Some will dismiss such a declaration as merely symbolic, lacking any legitimate authority. By how does it contain any less authority than a state and constitution created by others a couple centuries before you were born? Here is my declaration:

I, Roger Young, a sovereign, free-born individual, and a child of God/Nature, do hereby declare my personal secession from the political entity known as the “United States of America.” Though reason tells me that this entity has no inherent legitimacy toward ruling my life (as this arrangement was not created by me, nor obtained my consent), I find it necessary to declare such a separation.

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9 Responses to I Hereby Secede

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  2. On a personal level, an individual doesn’t have to wait for an entire State to secede. State Nationality is a requirement to be a State. There must be 60,000 State Nationals on the land defining that State. U. S. citizens can not secede. That would be a legal impossibility. They are still shareholders in the Federal corporation, imported statutory persons, legal trusts, and aliens in the state they legally reside in. For the purpose of this statement, a State is an area of land with living, flesh and blood human beings living on it. A state is a subsidiary to the Federal corporation. To properly secede, people must refute the presumption of U. S. citizenship and assert their State Nationality. The links to research this are in my links list.


  3. John Stott says:

    This made me smile, and gave an inner glow George. It displays a longing within a man I feel to prove his worth and identity. I always introduce myself to new groups I talk to as a “Freeborn Englishman”. It is partly a catalyst to serve discussion, folk soon realise, if they are honest, how downtrodden they are.
    I always let people form their own opinions, they choose their paths in life. The reward comes from their questioning and awakening. Some become valuable friends and allies to spread the word. Others teach me many things.
    I feel the “disjointed” effect of state education / indoctrination and new age garbage many have been fed accounts for the obsession with self. We have a collective obligation, whether at family or community level. I sometimes forget that soldiering gave me so much, a sound Christian family background and sheer hard work.
    Many will awake slowly, but only will awake fully when they shoulder a burden of collective responsibility. Whatever their route, I pray for their success.

    • You are a good man, Sir John, Freeborn Englishman! What you are doing, and what some of us are trying to do is to bring a renaissance to the western/occidental tradition of citizenship; the notion of strong individualism tempered by a strong feeling of community spirit. That concept was always alien to the eastern/oriental mind. The Greeks developed that tradition into a philosophy, but it was common among the Celts and Saxons. Such notions were only strengthened by Christian civilization with its belief in free will and charity. The damned aristocracy have worked tirelessly to destroy it. But that spirit is on the rise. Hard times have a way of forcing people to dig deep down and rediscover their own strength and independence. Such times also have a way of bringing about a rebirth of spiritualism. When the material things are no longer an option the wise man clears his eyes and discovers that the Creator and His way are the only thing that matters in the end. As Janice Joplin said in her song “Me and Bobby McGee”: ‘Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.’ Keep up the good work.

    • Very well thought out approach, John. As I say, you can pull a string all over town, but it’s impossible to push it anywhere. No one can force a slave to be free. We are all at different places in the walk of life. There are so many answers that I need to find. I am convinced that 2012 will see events that change all of us.

  4. John Stott says:

    Thank you for those kind words young Ranger 🙂
    Indeed your words ring true in every sense and I take great comfort in them. I feel we are in a war, that makes me happy in a sense, for in war I found, like many, my true worth. We, our ancestors have fought and lost what we struggled for. My own in the civil war, France and elsewhere. Yours within your own dear land and overseas.
    Yes you are right, there is an awakening coming, when true men can hold themselves with pride and not be afeared to fight for what is good and wholesome.
    I pray many more join in our struggle, for us it becomes a way of life in the end. I do not know if I will see the results of our collective endeavours, I would wish our children do at least taste freedom and maintain its precious status. So oft found and then squandered.
    I know that God will reign supreme when satan is vanquished, of that I have no doubt. Our Creator sent us here to perform a duty, may we continue in that task with all diligence.

  5. John Stott says:

    I agree totally George and thank you. Your writings have sent my mind into uncharted waters, the complexity of which I struggle to fathom at times!
    We are indeed all at different stages in our search and I trust you find the answers you so clearly seek. Although never an academic, I feel humbled to be in the company of some very intelligent and wise folk, for you teach me my journey is not completed yet. There is indeed still much to cram into my Saxon noggin 🙂

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    • Thank you, John. This year will roll out, one day at a time, just like every other year. It is our decisions and agreements that walk it out. That’s one good reason that I get Harmon Taylor’s newsletter. Harmon is way ahead of me on legal history. I’ve gotten that newsletter for as long as I’ve had email, at least 7 years. It’s a good free education. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and be well.

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