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  1. andhowweburned says:


  2. Thanks. This is a work in progress–but the hope is to get it fully up and running over time.

  3. Snakeman says:


  4. gideon says:

    Heard Steve Quayle was on Pathfinder on 9/2/11. Followed the link and then found you all. What a blessing History and Herbs. Two of my favorite subjects. Second only to Jesus and my wife. God bless you and yours today and always. THE SOUTH MUST RISE AGAIN!!!

  5. gideon says:

    Would thoroughly enjoy hearing your lectures on the War of Northern Aggression and The War for Independence. Great job on The French Revolution Ranger may God bless and keep you and yours.

  6. I am going to do a series on the War. People need to know about that war, the causes, and the results of it. I wanted to ease into it as many people have been conditioned to believe the propaganda and I thought that by discussing some topics that all kind of revolve around it, I could give the listener something of a build up to the main event (so to speak).

  7. Snakeman says:

    Civilized war…or un?

  8. No such thing as a civilized war.

  9. gideon says:

    That was the fastest 2 hours of radio i ever listened to. What a great show brother, like an action packed drama. God Bless you!! It came to me while you were speaking, that it wasn’t the colonists that rebelled. It was a King and Parliament that rebelled, against God and His laws. The colonists are the ones who stood up against rebellion/tyranny.Talk about parallels, there truly is nothing new under the sun or history repeats. God bless you and your family. What a blessing you and your wife are. You are right, what your wife is teaching is some of the most important things we need to know. Not only for the days ahead, which will be priceless, but today. It’s amazing what God the Father does. How He brings people into our lives right when we need them and are ready for them. Truly brother you all watch your six. bill pomeroy (a.k.a. gideon)

    • You hit the nail on the head, Gideon and you also stole my punchline for next week dang it! The colonists weren’t in rebellion at all. They were simply taking a stand in defense of their natural God-given rights. That is the reason I say that our revolution wasn’t a revolution at all, it was a conservative reaction–an attempt to preserve their rights as free Englishmen prior to the 1763 incursion upon those rights. Next week I will tie up some loose ends and move into the topics of American government in the young republic period. Glad you enjoyed it.

  10. Snakeman Man says:

    Reb no need to gush any further than I already did about your show….but, gush, gush, gush. I am really looking forward to next Friday’s show!

  11. John stott says:

    I have listened, read and watched this seed develop from it’s inception. Clarity and objectivity have always been my prerequisites for participation. This worthy endeavour achieves all and more. My thanks to PR, his ability to seamlessly and blamelessly put together history and present it in such a digestible form is a gift. Regardless of some folks views, revisionist history in particular, is at the root of present problems in the west and wider world.
    I have friends who listen and read here daily, as do I. Some are frankly amazed at what they hear, being spoon fed from youth a sanitised history of the world by a Prussian education system does not equip people for shocks in adulthood.
    My continued participation is ensured. I thank you Brother for lifting the veil for so many.

    Dio Vindice

  12. gideon says:

    Mr. stott, I share your belief that the man has a gift. I also want to thank you for mentioning the Prussian education system. I looked that up today and was truly amazed. The more time I spend here the more ignorant I realize I was. Thank you sir. Blessings to you and yours.

  13. John stott says:

    Thank you Gideon for your comments. I have walked this path now for ten years or more, I suppose seeking truth. PR actually has helped me put those thoughts and findings into a sort of order. I doubt you are ignorant Sir, like everyone else we have been constantly lied to. These lies continue daily from media and governments. I see the internet as the main cause of the enlightenment taking place, rather akin to the effect of Luther and the printing press of the 1600s. In fact I interpret the happenings today as an extension of the English Civil War, via the War of Independence, War of Northern Aggression etc.
    We may not live to see the fruits of what is happening, the last Enlightenment took a hundred years to achieve! However, I firmly believe that the core principles, so true in the 1600s are as relevant today as then.
    My blessing to you and yours as well.

  14. You gentlemen are far too kind.

  15. gideon says:

    Hey, that’s a great new video. I really like that cadence. Makes you want to get up and march and stuff, even if i wasn’t in the Army. (i was Navy) We marched!!! Really we did!!! Gonna buy that book too!! God bless you all. Peace

  16. SnakemanJeffss says:

    Navy eh? Never saw any anchor crankers marching except off to the chow hall double time 😉

    Stay Blessed Gideon and Co….

    Thanks Ranger Good Stuff


  17. John Stott says:

    Cadence brother thank you. Why is it we harken back to those days when things are getting bad now? My theory, the thought of our brothers and nothing but them, one aim, one objective and we were immortal. Floating down under silk into mud, the one time in your life when you truly are alive.
    God Bless all in green, oh! And sailors too 🙂

  18. The navy, eh? Shew, the thought of being trapped in a floating steel box turns my stomach. You are a better man than me, Gideon. That was one of the reasons for me that joining the Marine Corps was never an option–I couldn’t do the fleet duty. I am definitely a landlubber…love land so much I jumped out of airplanes and helicopters to get back on it.

  19. gideon says:

    It was a family tradition.

  20. Same reason I went into the army.

  21. John Stott says:

    It is in the blood, the love of mud………. 🙂

  22. gideon says:

    Now see, all we did was swab hanger bays with Toluene and a mop, no masks. That and lie on our bellies in inches of hydraulic oil in the bilges of aircraft fixing leaks. No mud though.

  23. gideon says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Brother! God bless you and Cordi and your family. May the peace of God guard your hearts in Jesus Christ Our Lord.

  24. John Stott says:

    Merry Christmas to my cousins from a freeborn Englishman. Our friendship transcends all other things, our faith in Jesus shines as a beacon for all to follow.
    God Bless one and all!

  25. gideon says:

    Merry Christmas to you Cousin. HIS LIGHT does shine. All HIS Blessings and Benefits to you and yours John. I can honestly say you are one of the brightest lights in my life this year. God bless and again Merry Christmas.

  26. John Stott says:

    Thank you my friend, you are too kind! Like minded souls gather together for our impending Salvation. May our Saviour bless you and your family too Gideon, I thank you for your kindness and friendship,may God see fit to let it continue for a long time.

    Merry Christmas!

  27. gideon says:

    That’s a great Ron Paul poster. Very inspiring. Reminds me why I’m here.

  28. gideon says:

    God bless the survivors and bring justice to the perpetrators of The Waco Massacre. The is no statute of limitation for MURDER.

  29. Cromwellsheart says:

    That picture fills me with sadness and anger in equal quantities. Sadness for the lost souls and especially the bairns.
    Anger at the state sponsored murder worthy of Stalin or Hitler.

    • It was the worst demonstration of government tyranny I have seen here in my life time. I seldom think of the events at Waco without becoming both very angry and very sad simultaneously. It is a moment in time that I will never forget.

      • Cromwellsheart says:

        My prayers are with you. Personal links to events are as powerful an emotion as one can experience.
        Blessed are the fallen for they will not be forgotten, ever.

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